Ecodesign links

    Authorities involved in the Ecodesign process

    • UBA - German Federal Environment Agency
    • BAM - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
    • EU DG ENER - European Commission Directorate-General Energy: Ecodesign site
    • EU DG ENTR - European Commission Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry: Ecodesign site
    • National contacts in charge of the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive
    • Österreichische Energieagentur - Austrian Energy Agency; information, background and news from the Austrian Energy Agency about the Ecodesign Directive

    Websites of self-regulation initiatives

    Ecodesign methodology

    Studies on the Ecodesign working plan and on the evaluation of directives


    2012 Ecodesign preparatory studies webpages

    • ENER Lot 27 Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) (offline)
    • ENER Lot 28 Pumps for Private and Public Wastewater and
      for Fluids with High Solids Content (offline)
    • ENER Lot 29 Pumps for private and public swimming pools, ponds, fountains and aquariums, as well as clean water pumps larger than those regulated under Lot 11 (offline)
    • ENER Lot 30 Motors and drives (offline)
    • ENER Lot 31 Products in motor systems in particular compressors

    2009 Ecodesign preparatory studies webpages

    • ENER Lot 20 Local room heating products (off-line)
    • ENER Lot 21 Central heating products using hot air to distribute
      heat (other than CHP) (off-line)
    • ENER Lot 22 Domestic and commercial ovens (electric, gas, microwave) (off-line)
    • ENER Lot 23 Domestic and commercial hobs and grills (off-line)
    • ENER Lot 24 Professional washing machines, dryers and dishwashers (off-line)
    • ENER Lot 25 Non-tertiary coffee machines (off-line)
    • ENER Lot 26 Networked standby losses of energy using products (off-line)

    2006 Ecodesign preparatory studies webpages

    • TREN Simple set-top boxes (offline)
    • TREN Lot 1 Boilers and combiboilers (offline)
    • TREN Lot 2 Water heaters (offline)
    • TREN Lot 3 Computers and monitors
    • TREN Lot 4 Imaging equipment (offline)
    • TREN Lot 5 Consumer electronics: TV (offline)
    • TREN Lot 6 Standby and off-mode losses (offline)
    • TREN Lot 7 External power supplies and battery chargers (offline)
    • TREN Lot 8 Office lighting (offline)
    • TREN Lot 9 Street lighting (offline)
    • TREN Lot 10 Room air conditioning appliances (offline)
    • TREN Lot 11 Electric Motors (offline)
    • TREN Lot 12 Commercial refrigerators and freezers (offline)
    • TREN Lot 13 Domestic refrigerators and freezers (offline)
    • TREN Lot 14 Domestic washing machines and dishwashers (offline)
    • TREN Lot 15 Solid fuel small combustion installations (offline)
    • TREN Lot 16 Laundry dryers (offline)
    • TREN Lot 17 Vacuum cleaner (offline)
    • TREN Lot 18 Complex set-top boxes (offline)
    • TREN Lot 19 Domestic lighting (offline)