Overview Ecodesign

The Ecodesign Directive aims at setting mandatory minimum requirements for individual product groups. Whereas the directive only sets the frame, product group specific implementing measures (so far without exception regulations) are elaborated in a subsequent process, in case no self-regulatory initiative (SRI) has been presented by the industry.

After a product group has been selected and listed in the working plan, the next steps to obligatory regulations are as follows:

  1. Compiling background data in preparatory study
  2. Working Document drafted by the European Commission, discussion in the Consultation Forum; depending on the development of the discussions, draft documents can be revised several times (only the most recent version is linked below)
  3. Draft Implementing Measure (voted by the Regulatory Committee)
  4. The draft regulation is sent to the EU-Parliament for scrutiny
  5. Mandatory regulation published in the Official Journal of the European Union
Product groups Preparatory Study Working document / Consultation Forum Regulatory Committee EU-Parliament Scrutiny Regulation /
Requirements mandatory from
Lot- Simple Set-Top Boxes Completed       Reg. 107/2009 25.02.2010
Lot 1 Boilers and combiboilers Completed       Reg. 813/2013 26.09.2015
Lot 2 Water heaters Completed       Reg. 814/2013 26.09.2015
Lot 3 PCs (Desktops and Laptops) Completed       Reg. 617/2013 01.07.2014
Lot 3 Displays Completed Working document        
Lot 4 Imaging Equipment Completed       SRI*  
Lot 5 Consumer Electronics: TV Completed
Working document
    Reg. 642/2009Amendm. 801/2013 07.01.2010
Lot 6 Standby and off-mode losses Completed       Reg. 1275/2008Amendm. 801/2013 07.01.2010
Lot 7 Battery chargers and external power supplies Completed
Review study
Working document
    Reg. 278/2009 27.04.2010
Lot 8 Office lighting Completed       Reg. 245/2009Amendm. 347/2010 13.04.2010
Lot 9 Street lighting Completed       Reg. 245/2009Amendm. 347/2010 13.04.2010
Lot 10 Room air conditioning Completed       Reg. 206/2012 01.01.2013
Lot 10 Comfort Fans Completed       Reg. 206/2012 01.01.2013
Lot 10 Residential Ventilation Completed       Reg. 1253/2014 01.01.2016
Lot 11 Electric motors Completed       Reg. 640/2009Amendm. 4/2014 12.08.2009
Lot 11 Circulators Completed       Reg. 641/2009Amendm. 622/2012 01.01.2013
Lot 11 Fans Completed       Reg. 327/2011 01.01.2013
Lot 11 Water pumps Completed       Reg. 547/2012 01.01.2013
Lot 12 Commercial refrigerators and freezers Completed Working document        
Lot 13 Domestic refrigerators and freezers Completed       Reg. 643/2009 01.07.2010
Lot 14 Domestic dishwashers Completed       Reg. 1016/2010 01.12.2011
Lot 14 Domestic washing machines Completed       Reg. 1015/2010 01.12.2011
Lot 15 Solid fuel boilers Completed       Reg. 1189/2015 10.08.2015
Lot 16 Household tumble driers Completed       Reg. 932/2012 01.11.2013
Lot 17 Vacuum cleaners Completed       Reg. 666/2013 01.09.2014
Lot 18 Complex set-top boxes Completed       SRI* 01.07.2010
Lot 19 Domestic lighting part I non-directional lamps Completed       Reg. 244/2009Amendm. 859/2009 01.09.2009
Lot 19 Domestic lighting part II directional lamps Completed       Reg. 1194/2012 01.09.2013
Lot 20 Solid fuel local space heaters Completed       Reg. 1185/2015 10.08.2015
Lot 20 Local space heaters Completed       Reg. 1188/2015 10.08.2015
Lot 21 Central heating products using hot air to distribute heat Completed Working document Draft Regulation      
Lot 22 Domestic and commercial ovens Completed       Reg. 66/2014 20.02.2015
Lot 23 Domestic and commercial hobs and grills Completed       Reg. 66/2014 20.02.2015
Lot 24 Professional washing machines, dryers and dishwasher Completed Working document        
Lot 25 Non-tertiary coffee machines Completed       see Reg. 801/2013 01.01.2015
Lot 26 Networked standby losses of energy using products Completed       Reg. 801/2013 01.01.2015
Lot 27 Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) Completed          
Lot 28 Wastewater pumps Completed          
Lot 29 Clean water pumps (larger than those under Lot 11) Completed          
Lot 30 Motors and drives (outside scope of Regulation 640/2009) Completed Working document        
Lot 31 Compressors Completed Working document        
Lot 32 Windows Ongoing          
Lot 33 Smart appliances Ongoing          
Lot 37 Lighting systems Ongoing          
ENTR Medical imaging equipment   Draft SRI*        
ENTR Lot 1 Professional refrigerated storage cabinets Completed       Reg. 1095/2015 01.07.2015
ENTR Lot 2 Transformers Completed       Reg. 548/2014 01.07.2015
ENTR Lot 3 Sound and imaging equipment Completed       SRI*  
ENTR Lot 4 Industrial and laboratory furnaces and ovens Completed Working document        
ENTR Lot 5 Machine tools Completed Draft SRI*        
ENTR Lot 6 Air-conditioning and ventilation systems Completed       Reg. 1253/2014 01.01.2016
ENTR Lot 7 Steam boilers Completed          
ENTR Lot 8 Power Cables Completed          
ENTR Lot 9 Enterprise Servers Ongoing          
JRC Taps and showers Ongoing          

* SRI = Self-regulatory initiative (Voluntary agreement)