Please note that this website is no longer updated as of January 2017. Please visit also other sites covering this topic. We recommend the websites of BAM (German) and eceee (English).

Ecodesign links

Authorities involved in the Ecodesign process

  • UBA - German Federal Environment Agency
  • BAM - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
  • EU DG ENER - European Commission Directorate-General Energy: Ecodesign site
  • EU DG ENTR - European Commission Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry: Ecodesign site
  • National contacts in charge of the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive
  • Österreichische Energieagentur - Austrian Energy Agency; information, background and news from the Austrian Energy Agency about the Ecodesign Directive

Websites of self-regulation initiatives

Ecodesign methodology

Studies on the Ecodesign working plan and on the evaluation of directives


2012 Ecodesign preparatory studies webpages

  • ENER Lot 27 Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) (offline)
  • ENER Lot 28 Pumps for Private and Public Wastewater and
    for Fluids with High Solids Content (offline)
  • ENER Lot 29 Pumps for private and public swimming pools, ponds, fountains and aquariums, as well as clean water pumps larger than those regulated under Lot 11 (offline)
  • ENER Lot 30 Motors and drives (offline)
  • ENER Lot 31 Products in motor systems in particular compressors

2009 Ecodesign preparatory studies webpages

  • ENER Lot 20 Local room heating products (off-line)
  • ENER Lot 21 Central heating products using hot air to distribute
    heat (other than CHP) (off-line)
  • ENER Lot 22 Domestic and commercial ovens (electric, gas, microwave) (off-line)
  • ENER Lot 23 Domestic and commercial hobs and grills (off-line)
  • ENER Lot 24 Professional washing machines, dryers and dishwashers (off-line)
  • ENER Lot 25 Non-tertiary coffee machines (off-line)
  • ENER Lot 26 Networked standby losses of energy using products (off-line)

2006 Ecodesign preparatory studies webpages

  • TREN Simple set-top boxes (offline)
  • TREN Lot 1 Boilers and combiboilers (offline)
  • TREN Lot 2 Water heaters (offline)
  • TREN Lot 3 Computers and monitors
  • TREN Lot 4 Imaging equipment (offline)
  • TREN Lot 5 Consumer electronics: TV (offline)
  • TREN Lot 6 Standby and off-mode losses (offline)
  • TREN Lot 7 External power supplies and battery chargers (offline)
  • TREN Lot 8 Office lighting (offline)
  • TREN Lot 9 Street lighting (offline)
  • TREN Lot 10 Room air conditioning appliances (offline)
  • TREN Lot 11 Electric Motors (offline)
  • TREN Lot 12 Commercial refrigerators and freezers (offline)
  • TREN Lot 13 Domestic refrigerators and freezers (offline)
  • TREN Lot 14 Domestic washing machines and dishwashers (offline)
  • TREN Lot 15 Solid fuel small combustion installations (offline)
  • TREN Lot 16 Laundry dryers (offline)
  • TREN Lot 17 Vacuum cleaner (offline)
  • TREN Lot 18 Complex set-top boxes (offline)
  • TREN Lot 19 Domestic lighting (offline)