Please note that this website is no longer updated as of January 2017. Please visit also other sites covering this topic. We recommend the websites of BAM (German) and eceee (English).

EuP Network Germany

The website EuP Network Germany was created within a project Ökopol carried out on behalf of the German Federal Environment Agency from 2006 to 2008. The project aimed at providing support to form a network between the stakeholders participating in the Ecodesign process and interested parties in Germany. The website was supposed to facilitate the access to relevant information for this network. In addition, a set of workshops took place to improve the exchange and communication within the national network. Since the end of the project Ökopol continues to update the homepage and the newsletter (which is available only in German language).

The name EuP Network is not up to date anymore in view of the fact that the Ecodesign Directive does not only refer to Energy using Products (EuP) in its scope since the 2009 recast, but to the broader group of Energy-related Products (ErP). Yet, due to the history of the networks name it was decided not to change it or the websites domain.



Lisa Rödig