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Overview Labelling

The Labelling Directive aims at setting labelling requirements for energy consumption and the use of other resources of particular product groups. Whereas the directive only sets the frame, product group specific delegated acts (e.g. regulations) are elaborated in a subsequent process.

After a product group has been selected for labelling, the next steps to obligatory regulations are as follows:

  1. Use of the information provided in the according Ecodesign preparatory study
  2. Working Document drafted by the European Commission, discussion in the Consultation Forum; depending on the development of the discussions, draft documents can be revised several times (only the most recent version is linked below)
  3. Adoption of a regulation by the EU Commission
  4. The regulation is sent to the EU Parliament and the Council for scrutiny
  5. Mandatory regulation published in the Official Journal of the European Union
Product groupsEcodesign Prep. StudyWorking document / Consultation ForumAdoption by CommissionEU-Parliament / CouncilRegulationRegulation mandatory from
Lot 1 Boilers and combiboilers   Reg. 811/2013Amendm. 518/201426.09.2015
Lot 2 Water heaters   Reg. 812/2013Amendm. 518/201426.09.2015
Lot 3 MonitorsWorking document
Lot 5 Consumer Electronics: TV   Reg. 1062/2010Amendm. 518/201430.11.2011
Lot 8 Office lighting
Lot 9 Street lighting
Lot 10 Room air conditioning   Reg. 626/2011Amendm. 518/201401.01.2013
Lot 10 Residential Ventilation   Reg. 1254/201401.01.2016
Lot 12 Commercial refrigerators and freezers Reg. 1094/201528.07.2015
Lot 13 Domestic refrigerators and freezers   Reg. 1060/2010Amendm. 518/201430.11.2011
Lot 14 Domestic dishwashers   Reg. 1059/2010Amendm. 518/201420.12.2011
Lot 14 Domestic washing machines   Reg. 1061/2010Amendm. 518/201420.12.2011
Lot 15 Solid fuel boilers   Reg. 1187/201510.08.2015
Lot 16 Household tumble driers   Reg. 392/2012Amendm. 518/201429.05.2013
Lot 17 Vacuum cleaners   Reg. 665/2013Amendm. 518/201401.09.2014
Lot 19 Domestic lighting part I and II   Reg. 874/2012Amendm. 518/201401.09.2013
Lot 20 Local space heaters   Reg. 1186/201510.08.2015
Lot 22 Domestic and commercial ovens   Reg. 65/201401.01.2015
Lot 23 Domestic and commercial hobs and grills   Reg. 65/201401.01.2015
Lot 24 Professional washing machines, dryers and dishwashers
Lot 25 Non-tertiary coffee machines 
Lot 32 Windows
ENTR Lot 1 Professional refrigerating productsWorking document
ENTR Lot 6 Ventilation   Reg. 1254/201401.01.2016
JRC Taps and showers