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Past Events

15.05.14 22:00 to 22:00 | Brussels

Consultation forum meeting on Furnaces and Ovens (ENTR Lot 4)

A consultation forum meeting to discuss on Ecodesign requirements for Industrial and laboratory furnaces and ovens (ENTR Lot 4) takes place on Friday 16th May 2014 in Brussels. The published working document and annex is a note...[more]

25.04.14 | EU-Commission

03.06.14 08:00 to 13:45 | Brussels

ENTR Lot 8 (Power Cables): 2nd stakeholder meeting

The second stakeholder meeting for the preparatory study on Ecodesign requirements for Power Cables in Indoor Electrical Installations (ENTR Lot 8) will be held on 3rd June 2014 in Brussels. The main objective of this meeting is...[more]

16.04.14 | EuP-preparatory studies

06.05.14 07:30 to 15:00 | Brussels

Consultation forum meeting on Machine Tools & Related Machinery (ENTR Lot 5)

A Consultation Forum meeting to discuss draft Ecodesign proposals for Machine Tools & Related Machinery (ENTR Lot 5) takes place on 6th May 2014 in Brussels. The following documents are available: Agenda Working document...[more]

16.04.14 | EU-Commission

05.05.14 08:00 to 16:00 | Brussels

Consultation Forum Meeting on horizontal matters of Ecodesign and Energy Labelling

A Consultation Forum Meeting on ecodesign and energy labelling for several product groups as well as on other "horizontal matters" such as the way forward on the review of the Directives, the next working plan and...[more]

09.04.14 | EU-Commission

26.03.14 12:30 to 15:30 | Brussels

3rd Annual Forum on Medical Imaging Equipment (SRI)

The 3rd Annual Forum of the COCIR SRI Steering Committee takes place on 26th March 2013 in Brussels. The achievements for Magnetic Resonance equipment, the on-going activities on Ultrasound, Computed Tomography and X-ray,...[more]

07.03.14 | EuP-preparatory studies

24.03.14 23:00 to 23:00 | Brussels

2nd technical working group meeting on Taps and Showers (JRC)

The 2nd Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting for the development of a preparatory study on Taps and Showers based on MEErP takes place on 25 March 2014 in Brussels. The draft agenda can be downloaded here. The Tasks 1-7, which...[more]

05.03.14 | EuP-preparatory studies

17.03.14 08:30 to 16:00 | Brussels

1st stakeholder meeting on windows (Lot 32)

The project team of the preparatory study on windows (Lot 32) has announced the first stakeholder meeting for the 17th March 2014. During the meeting the Task 1-4, for which interim reports have been published on the study...[more]

21.02.14 | EuP-preparatory studies

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