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Third stakeholder meeting on power cables (ENTR 8)

A third stakeholder meeting for the preparatory study ENTR Lot 8 on Ecodesign for Power Cables in Indoor Electrical Installations will be held in Brussels on November the 13th, 2014. The main objective of this meeting is to discuss the technical aspects related to the study (Task 1-7 reports). The meeting will take place in room 11A in the Breydel building.

Details about the study, relevant documents and other information are available on the ENTR Lot 8 website

Registration is possible on the website before 5 November.

Meeting Agenda:

10:00-10:10        Welcome

10:10-10:20        Short presentation of participants

10:20:-11:20       Tasks 1-3 in a nutshell, incl. latest enquiry input

11:20-12:30        Task 4-6, based on updated input incl. improvement options and sensitivity analysis

12:30-13:30        Break & lunch

13:30-14:00        Draft Task 7 on policy options including discussion

14:00-14:20        Draft Task 7 on need for updated and/or new standards, including discussion

14:20-14:50        Draft Task 7 on 2025 scenarios

14:50-15:20        Draft Task 7 on impact including discussion and stakeholders position input

15:20-15:30        Any other business

15:30-15:40        Planning stakeholder feedback and finalization