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Past events (Archive)

The second stakeholder meeting for the preparatory study on Products in motor systems in particular compressors (outside scope of lot 30 and regulation 640/2009) (ENER Lot 31) will take place on 27th February 2014 in Brussels. Registration is...Read more

EuP-preparatory studies

The third stakeholder meeting within the study evaluating the Energy Labelling Directive and certain aspects of the Ecodesign Directive will be held in Brussels on 18th and 19th February 2014. This meeting will be used by the evaluation team to...Read more


The third stakeholder meeting for the preparatory study on Motors and drives (outside scope of Regulation 640/2009) (Lot 30) will be held on 10. February 2014 in Brussels.

An agenda and a registration form is available on the project website. ...Read more

EuP-preparatory studies