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Lot 20+21 (local room heating products + central heating products using hot air to distribute heat): First stakeholder meetings announced

The first stakeholder meetings of the studies ENER Lot 20 and ENER Lot 21 have been announced:

  • Monday 18th April 2011 for ENER Lot 20, Brussels and
  • Tuesday 19th April 2011 for ENER Lot 21, Brussels.

The main objectives of each of the meetings are to:

  • clarify the scopes and the interaction between various ecodesign lots: ENER Lot 20 (local room heaters), ENER Lot 21 (air-based central heating), ENTR Lot 6 (Ventilation and Air-conditioning), ENER Lot 10 (Air-conditioning) and ENER Lot 1 (Boilers)
  • obtain comments and feedback on the studies
  • discuss the first proposition for base cases.

The latest version of the working documents for Tasks 1-3 of each study will be available soon on the project websites and

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