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Lot 10 Room air conditioning appliances update

The ventilation report has been modified. A mistake had been
identified that affected the labelling scale of ICVs and it has been
corrected by the prepartory study contractor. Thus, the "final" report is re-opened for comments until March 6th but the consultation is limited to the latest modifications done (the modifications named are fully described in this document).

Comments received after March 6th will not be
considered. The final report considering latest comments will be published
together with the air conditioning final report on April 6th.

Regarding air conditioners, discussions regarding the seasonal performance
indices to be used are still on-going with manufacturer associations.
Given that it affects importantly the report and also given the time
constraints, the following time table has been adopted already.

- March 9th morning: Publication of the Air conditoning draft final
- March 27th night: comments received after this date will not be
- April 6th: publication of the final report

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