Please note that this website is no longer updated as of January 2017. Please visit also other sites covering this topic. We recommend the websites of BAM (German) and eceee (English).


Websites for review studies online: white appliances and lighting

A new Ecodesign study preparing the review of the regulation on household refrigerators and freezers (originally lot ENER 13) has been launched in January and will be finalised approximately a year later. For more information, visit the study website.

Similar studies on washing machines/washer driers and dishwashers (both lot ENER 14), which had started in late 2014 and are expected to be finalised by the end of 2016, can be followed through websites now as well: see washing machines website and dishwashers website.

Earlier in 2014, a study for the review of various lighting regulations (originally lots ENER 8, 9 and 19) was launched, which will last until late 2015. More information is available on the study website.

A review study on the regulation for fans (lot ENER 11) has started already in April 2014 and will come to an end soon (see study website).